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अशोक चौहान उत्तराखंड फिल्म जगत के सबसे सम्मानित और चर्चित चेहरे हैं. लोक कलाकारों और उत्तराखंड की गढ़वाल और अन्य स्थानीय फिल्मों के डायरेक्टर और प्रोड्यूसर हैं. आपने 50 से ज्यादा फिल्मों के द्वारा हजारों कलाकारों को काम दिया है. उत्तराखंड फिल्म जगत को आपसे बहुत आशाएं हैं.

  • Uttarakhand Film city is being developed as a full fleshed integrated film studio located in Uttarakhand.
  • The Film City will be established to facilitate the growth of film industry with a minimum of 10000 job opportunities.
  • It will also be a Film city with tourist attraction gardens, mountains, lakes, homes, cities and villages.
  • It will be a favourite venue for Hindi & other regional language Bollywood film shootings.
  • First phase of this Film City will be developed in around 100 acres. To visitors, it will be an absolute dream world, where everything is just beautiful and perfect and is impossible to differentiate the 'real' and 'fake'.
  • The Film City will soon be constructed under the efficient guidance of renowned veteran actor, director and film producers and will be regarded as the dream shooting place with all the essential equipments required to make feature films, TV Serials and Web Series. It will have around twenty indoor studios.

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नारी सशक्तिकरण, बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ और नशा मुक्ति के इस सामाजिक संदेश से भरी हुई प्रधानी फिल्म एक गांव की महिला सरपंच के बारे में है, जिसे अपने गांव के विकास और प्रगति के लिए किस तरह की मुश्किलें आती है और उन सभी कठिनाइयों को पार करते हुए फिर किस तरह वह अपने गांव को एक आदर्श गांव बनाती है.


Uttarakhand Film City and Film University will require about 100 acres of land initially. It will expand further, for which in the next five years it is possible to require about 100 acres of additional land.

  • Over 10000 artists of Uttarakhand will be benefitted through various opportunities in the field of film and television by establishing Uttarakhand FILM CITY.
  • In addition to this, at least one million people will also get business opportunities directly / indirectly through subsidiary industry from Uttarakhand FILM CITY.
  • Millions of people from nearby states will also get opportunities and employment from this film city.
  • There is no International University of film, television and media in the whole world. Therefore, by establishing Uttarakhand FILM CITY, we will try our best to educate young generation of film, television and media in all the areas and aspects of film and television serial and acting and will also provide master’s degree and MBA degree in this field.
  • Being affiliated with Uttarakhand FILM CITY, these students will also be benefitted with all kinds of Practical Experience.
  • Uttarakhand FILM CITY will also try to make world-class facilities to film producers of the country and abroad available in Uttarakhand so that they can also feel proud to shoot in Uttarakhand .
  • As Uttarakhand is centrally situated in India; therefore the Uttarakhand FILM CITY of Uttarakhand will be a centre of employment and business for the millions of people of surrounding states like Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other nearby areas.
  • Uttarakhand FILM CITY will produce at least ten films per year and shoot them in different areas of Uttarakhand throught out the year. For this, Uttarakhand FILM CITY will try level best and will use all the relationships with the Bollywood so as to take maximum benefits in the interest of local people and artists of Uttarakhand .
  • Uttarakhand FILM CITY will try its level best to produce high quality films in the state which can be appreciated not only in the country but also at the international level.
  • Historical and cultural heritage of the state will get new horizon in the country and abroad.
  • Film tourism will also boost state's tourism industry.
  • Film shooting in nearby areas of the state will also encourage film tourism of Uttarakhand .


The Uttarakhand Film City will have a huge studio with well-equipped exclusive spaces for indoor and outdoor shooting, recording room, theatre, garden, lakes, fighting ground and helipads. All the important functions of Hindi cinema including shooting, editing, recording etc. take place here. The main highlight of the Film City will be real-like sets, which include fake lakes, fountains, mountains, gardens houses, picnic spots, cities and villages which are essential for shooting.

As visitors are concerned, the main attraction is the prospect of seeing the film shooting with its famous star cast. The Film City also boasts of having all the modern state-of-the-art technology, which helps in making movies with amazing quality. Uttarakhand Film City will soon become a major shooting location for the entire Hindi film industry as Bollywood. We will soon try to make 10 films per year apart from the television serials making its contribution to the Hindi film industry tremendously immense.

If filmmaking is your passion, Uttarakhand Film City will help put your dream into practice.

Film Production House

Television Production House

Main Studio

Supporting Studios

Indoor Floors for Shooting

Green Room

Outdoor studios with locations for shooting

Arrangement of various types of locations

3D & Reality Show Projects

Music Recording Centre

Choreography Centre

Dance floor

Lighting section

BACK Ground Sound Recording Section

Post Production Section

Editing Facility

Film Recording Centre

Scanning Center

Dubbing Center

Dance Rehearsal Centre

Photo shoots

Press Meets

Special Effect Centre

Digital Mixing Centre


Film Artist who creates multiple images that give an illusion of movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence; the images are called frames and key frames. Animators can work in a variety of fields including film, television, video games and the internet.


Film and TV Makes drawings between the "key poses" drawn by the animator, and also re-draw any sketches that are too roughly made to be used as such.


Chooses the actors for the characters of the film. This usually involves inviting potential actors to read an excerpt from the script for an audition.


The film director directs the actors and film crew in filmmaking.[1] They control a film's artistic and dramatic aspects, while guiding the technical crew and actors. The director is involved throughout all phases of the film. They are usually experienced in a variety of areas in film such as writing, editing, acting etc.


A film producer creates the conditions for making movies. The producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising Funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the film making process from development to completion of a project.


The production manager supervises the physical aspects of the production (not the creative aspects) including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. It is the production manager's responsibility to make sure the filming stays on schedule and within its budget. The PM also helps manage the day-to-day budget by managing operating costs such as salaries, production costs, and everyday equipment rental costs. The PM often works under the supervision of a line producer and directly supervises the production coordinator.


Specializes in drawing cartoons. This work is usually humorous, mainly created for entertainment, political commentary or advertising.


Chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film, responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image.


An executive producer (EP) is a producer who is not involved in the technical aspects of the filmmaking process, but has played a crucial financial or creative role in ensuring that the project goes into production. There may be several Executive producers on a film who may take the lead role in a number of areas, such as development, financing or production. Executive producers must be excellent negotiators. They need a keen business sense, and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of film production, financing, marketing and distribution. Executive producers are responsible for the overall quality control of productions. On some productions the executive producer role may be combined with other roles, so that as well as raising the finance they may also be responsible for managing the budget during production. Executive producers must be able to identify commercial, marketable projects. Executive producers have overall responsibility for the successful financing and marketing of these projects. During production, executive producers may be involved in some aspects of scripting, casting, and crewing. Executive producers often work on a number of projects simultaneously. They are experienced industry practitioners, who have usually worked previously for a number of years in any one of a variety of roles, such as producer, writer, director or script editor.


The screenwriter, or scriptwriter, may pitch a finished script to potential producers and directors or may write a script under contract to a producer. A writer may be involved, to varied degrees, with creative aspects of production.


Where the film requires a stunt, and involves the use of stunt performers, the stunt coordinator will arrange the casting and performance of the stunt, working closely with the director.


A person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and who works in film, television, theatre, or radio in that capacity.


  • Adesigns costumes for a film or stage production.
  • Lighting technician
  • Make-up artist
  • News presenter
  • Reporter
  • Newscaster
  • Anchorman
  • Film and TV presents news during a news program in the format of a television show, on the radio or the Internet. News presenters can work in a television studio and from remote broadcasts in the field especially weather forecasters.
  • Screenwriter
  • Video editor
  • Dubbing Artist


It is also proposed to establish Uttarakhand International University of Film, Television and Media alongwith the Uttarakhand Film City; the first of its kind in the world. Through this, we will introduce our artists to film and television serial and educate them with all aspects of acting and film making. The students will be awarded Graduate, Master and MBA degrees in every field of the Film and Television. All such students will get every kinds of Practical Experience in the Uttarakhand FILM CITY.

This Uttarakhand FILM CITY will provide a lot of employment and business opportunities to the people of Uttarakhand . Hence, for the development of the film industry in Uttarakhand and in the whole country and for the employment of artists and many other people, we have established Uttarakhand FILM CITY.

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Dr. Swatantra Jain

Chairman, Uttarakhand city, International Human Rights Association

Ashok Chauhan

Ashok Chauhan is the most respected and famous face of Uttarakhand film industry. He is Producer, Director, Writer and actor of over 50 films in Hindi and local languages like Garhwali and Kumauni. He is the most promising star of Uttarakhand film world.


is a Film Producer and is also associated with 3 Companies and is director with One Zest Media Private Limited, Breakfree Meaningful Media & Entertainment Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. BREAKFREE MEANINGFUL MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED, is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) bearing DIN 08035843.


Film Producer and Director at BREAKFREE MEANINGFUL MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED MUMBAI registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

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